Wounded – Survive – Thrive!

Discover Priceless Life Lessons Through the True Confessions from Women who Survived their Darkest Hour to Achieve Success, Joy and Peace

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101 women from around the world unite to change lives via ground breaking new Bestseller, Wounded? Survive! Thrive!!! 101 Women’s Journeys from Torment to Triumph.

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•   Discover Courage from Millie McGhee-Morris’ story. Millie is the National Association of Professional Women’s (NAPW) Woman of 2012. She endured repeated abuse during her marriages and has finally come forward to share her story about how she transformed herself from a battered, hopeless girl into a passionate, successful woman.

•   Find Strength from Barbie Thomas’ story. Barbie barely survived an unfortunate electrical accident as a child and had to have both her arms amputated at the shoulder. Barbie is now a married mum and a fitness competitor.
•   Turn Fear into Trust from Viki Winterton’s story. Viki is the founder of Expert Insights Publishing, a flourishing publishing company that has produced many life-changing books including Wounded? Survive! Thrive!!!  Viki talks about how she faced a life threatening medical condition and learned to replace fear and resentment with trust, love and gratitude.

These are just 3 of the amazing stories in Wounded? Survive! Thrive!!!  Every one of the women who are featured, courageously share the challenging and often frightening experiences that eventually set them free to achieve their highest calling.

p.s. If you already know you are going to love what you read, which I guarantee you will. You can purchase and have shipped right now Best Seller Wounded – Survive – Thrive! for yourself and others.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Life-Changing levels of Encouragement and Inspiration…, January 16, 2013

I have honestly never read such a collection of heart-wrenching journeys from turbulent tormented tale to triumphant victories. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from reading such inspiring true stories. This is a once in a lifetime treasure! These women are so powerful and their lives are shouts of encouragement for all of us to learn from, grow from, and take as fuel to spur us on toward claiming our own victories!

5.0 out of 5 stars Wounded? Survive! Thrive!!!, January 22, 2013

In retrospect and reflection of life’s journey, there are many different roads taken and traveled through the pathways of existence. The navigation of the journey has many challenges, tribulations, and barriers to cross. Yet each unique journey has a connecting point of surviving and the hope of thriving. That central vortex of these journeys has culminated in this incredible work, Wounded Survive Thrive.

5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling stories from women who refused to be defeated …, January 16, 2013

The journeys of the women in this book are as varied as you can imagine … each has their own story of suffering, survival, and ultimately, triumph. The raw emotion spills from their voices as they each tell their story. When you think you have heard of just about everything a woman’s spirit can survive, the next chapter leads you down a new and different path. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the life lessons contained in this book. You will carry these stories in your heart for a lifetime!

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Roberta E. Eastman


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