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Picture of Successful Client -Kai Pei

I utilized Roberta’s approach to strategic planning and implementation and helped our teams grow our customer base at a rate of over 400% within the first 4 months.

Hello. My name is Kai Pei. Within the first seven months of our company launch date, Roberta had helped me formulate and implement the necessary business strategies that led to our company grossing over $700,000 in revenue. We acquired over 3,500 clients within 8 months of our company opening its doors for business.

Under Roberta’s coaching and tutelage, I was able to successfully build a company with two sales teams in two different states.

One last thing I’d like to share. I was wary and unsure of what I was looking for when I first started searching for a business coach. I interviewed numerous individuals and companies alike that offered business coaching of some sort.

I decided on Roberta because she helped me feel really comfortable in my own skin. She helped me discover the potential within me that I didn’t even know was there. She pushed me to grow. She helped me challenge my own limits so that I could come out the other side a stronger leader and a better person.

Kai Pei- Serial Entrepreneur


Roberta Eastman is the best of several worlds…In many ways, it’s like having an Executive working with us. Roberta is very pro-active about solving issues with our team.

She also isn’t afraid of the dirty work that far too many people are. She is quick to understand at a high-level and the nitty gritty.

The telephony resource she recommended for us, changed our lives as a business!

Roberta is about results not excuses.

Our company has now worked with Roberta for almost three years, one of the best decisions we have made!

R. Scott Spurgiesz
Master Franchise Owner – Commercial Cleaning


Roberta helps me think of my business differently than I ever have before. From my role as CEO and leader in business, to the experience I bring my customers. It’s Roberta’s insights on strategy and implementation that help make us successful.

Roberta’s strategic system of evaluation, resources and measures of success saved us. Within 3 days, we had a viable system in place to retain our customer base by 50%, improve our customer relationships and put strategies in place to protect us from external threats and build our future business.

Roberta is a master at increasing cash flow and revenue. She guides me to focus on the things I need to spend my time on and build my business to live my life of freedom with my family.

Jasper Fauset
Franchise Owner – Janitorial Management


Mission Accomplished – Work as a Choice –

Return On Investment (ROI) working with Roberta – Clearly Identified Business & Life Goals. From my perspective, defined what a great business and cohesive team looks like.

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