Business Telephone Etiquette [Infographic]

Immediately Improve Business Telephone Etiquette

Have you taken the opportunity to put systems in your business?   Here’s a quick, easy and actionable system to get you started, right now.

One client shares how it helped him,  “The telephone technique you sent me is remarkable.

I recorded myself and realized my greeting is far from something to write home about. “Something this simple evades so many people, but has such impact.  This is something everyone should know”.

This time of year is a great time to spring clean unconscious habits we participate in daily.

You know those unconscious habits? Like when you drive to the office and you don’t remember how you got there.  I chalk it up to my training Betsy (my car) so well the car knows where to go.

One study from Duke University estimated that habits, rather than conscious decision-making, shape 45 percent of the choices we make every day.

Now wonder we get to the end of our day and wonder what we got accomplished.

Consider this behavior that can make or break your business –  How you answer your business phone

You hear the ring, pick up the receiver,  listen to the person on the other end (hopefully), hang up and move on to the next task.

Your office telephone etiquette is the first impression representing your business and could be the last.

Gain Immediate Advantage

Because there are many businesses where business telephone etiquette isn’t on their radar, you using this system as a best practice gives your business an advantage.  Consider the lack of basic customer service you’ve received one time or another, when calling into a business for service. 

So, does your or your representatives business telephone etiquette warrant spring cleaning, dusting off the cob webs and bringing in a new system that requires less than a 10 second implementation?

Join us by taking the Business Telephone Etiquette Quiz in your business.  The way we approach simple actions such as our telephone greeting demonstrates the level of respect we have for the relationship that we experience with the caller.

Also, when you call or visit another business, we should expect a certain level of respect in that relationship.  So, accept nothing less.

Take action in 10 seconds or less…

  1. Implement this system to immediately improve business telephone etiquette
  2. Leave a comment below letting us know your joining in to take the Business Telephone Etiquette Quiz on the infographic
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Office Telephone Etiquette

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My Gift To You –  The infographic format provides you an immediate documented system that you can download, save and implement. Use as a quick reference system once downloaded, by printing the file.


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